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Five Ways to Lend Better by Using Data

What are the two types of lenders who won’t last? Those who don’t use their data. All jokes aside, data is the lifeline that keeps lenders ahead of their challenges. There will never be a time with no struggles to overcome. The way that every financial institution has endured is by planning with data. Who are lending metrics really for? Smaller lenders may think they’re exempt from the rule that businesses need data. That couldn’t …

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New Construction Needs New Lenders

All across the country, office buildings lie empty. Hotels have closed, some unsure that they will reopen. New constructions have halted, and funding grows scarce. Is this the end of our old way of commercial real estate? Or is it the birth of something new? The initial shock of the pandemic alarmed professionals across the construction loan industry. Complications resulting from COVID-related restrictions and the work from home shift halted office construction projects—lack of business …

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Are We Ready for Paperless Mortgages?

Though finance is seeing its peak of online interactions, one sector still lags. Due to a complicated history of legislation, mortgage lending has taken place primarily in person since its beginning. Now, with online finance lagging in the pandemic recovery, how far does mortgage lending have to catch up? Consider how far the process of buying a house has come in the last 20 years. Buyers can find homes as easily online as they once …

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Construction’s Pandemic Recovery is Green

For the first time in history, the value of oil dropped into the negatives in April. While it has recovered for now, some are predicting an incomplete recovery at best. In the greater context of post-COVID life, the safest investments will be green. Construction has faced numerous challenges since the beginning of the pandemic. Supply-chain interruptions and rising costs of materials posed a unique set of issues to the industry. While new construction has ultimately …

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Finance’s Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic

After months of uncertainty, we are finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel following the COVID-19 pandemic. Every industry faced intense change. Some particularly stood out for their ability to adapt and even thrive during the pandemic. Outstanding resilience shown by transportation, healthcare, and food production did not go without praise. However, banking and finance still have much to learn going forward. The financial services that stood out the most …

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API Lender Integrations – Lenders

Fundingo Loan Management Software is Offering API Lender Integrations Take advantage of our integration features available for alternative lenders. Here are the key takeaways: Added integrations with 15 lenders Data and functionalities can be used within Fundingo Each integration comes with a lifetime license Includes features to improve your data quality Schedule a call with us below to see how we can help with your integration.

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