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See how our customers originate, underwrite and service loans in an efficient and cost effective way, and how our customers’ clients love their experience.

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Loan Origination

Loan Origination is the process by which potential borrowers are identified, qualified and onboarded. This typically involves marketing campaigns, outbound calling and other methods for reaching potential applicants. After originating a loan, lenders will analyze borrower application data to decide whether to approve a loan and set terms accordingly.

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Loan Servicing

Loan servicing is the process of administering loan agreements that have been secured by a lender. It involves collection, monitoring and distribution of payments, customer support and other services. The goal of efficient loan servicing is to keep the money moving quickly while minimizing losses due to unpaid loans or delays in the process.

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Loan Underwriting

When it comes to loan underwriting, accuracy, efficiency and consistency are crucial components for any successful lender. Loan underwriting involves validating the borrower’s ability to repay the loan, assessing their creditworthiness and risk factoring. Enhance your process, and make more informed decisions about granting loans and minimizing risk.

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Designed by lending professionals, for lending professionals.

Our loan management software platform was created by people with deep experience in the lending industry, and our team maintaining, selling, and delivering our clients’ experience all have lending experience.  Our solution is designed to operate the same way you would on a day-to-day basis.

Loan Management Software Solutions to Fit Your Needs

At FUNDINGO, we work closely with each organization to configure our loan management software systems to your specific preferences.



Within weeks of implementing FUNDINGO, our conversions were higher and we were delivering capital in record time. We had full company visibility and control of our processes.

Infinity Capital Funding

Imperial Advance alternative lending loan management solutions

Our processes and workflows are smoother and faster. We’re able to deliver to our customers in less time and focus on the best deals. Our ROI has increased dramatically.

Imperial Advance

Dominion Financial alternative lending solutions

The FUNDINGO team was a pleasure to work with throughout the design & build out. To ensure buy-in from our team, we had to coordinate with 6+ stakeholders on our side. FUNDINGO’s project management approach kept us organized and ensured that each of those stakeholders had input and feedback into the design. This helped tremendously with the adoption process.

Dominion Financial

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