Small Business Financing

As a provider of small business financing, there is a greater reward for each client that continues doing business with your company.

Fundingo provides an opportunity for a seamless customer experience that leads to repeat customers.

Fundingo Small Business
Fundingo Small Business Financing

Seamless Customer Experience 

  • Eliminate manual work and automate simple processes that frees up time for your team to focus on more complex decisions
  • Gain complete 360 view of loan portfolio and pipeline
  • Save time by providing a singular system that streamlines your operations

 Benefits of Small Business Financing Software

Streamline Back Office Operations

Bulk actions, feature automation, and customizable flows

Increase Deal Volume Capacity

Reduce headcount and process more deals with automation

Reduce Time Spent on Manual Functions

Decrease data input and add integrations with small business financing software

Real-Time Reporting and Dashboards

Save time on generating manual reports

Improve Visibility and Customer Experience

All customer information stays connected in Salesforce

Our Clients

Customer Quote

Now, I have the ability to attend my kid’s soccer practice.