Loan Servicing Software: Operate More Efficiently

FUNDINGO Loan Servicing Software lets you operate more efficiently and gain more control. Eliminate paperwork, manual processing, inaccurate reporting, and poor oversight. Enable better renewal processes and don’t let recurring deals slip through the cracks.

Loan Servicing software screenshot less paperwork

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Automatically transfer all the information needed to set up a loan for servicing directly from underwriting.
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Increase Renewals

In-depth deal tracking with automated notifications lets you stay on top of any deals ready for renewal. Pricing options make it easy to renew deals terms based on previous performance.
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Simplify Complex Processes

Fundingo Loan Servicing Software takes the complex parts of loan servicing and makes them easy. Manage disbursements, automate fees and build out revenue recognition options.

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Simplify your Loan Servicing System

  • Generate statements with a single click.
  • Schedule payments directly with ACH processors.
  • For lenders that syndicate their loans, quickly identify and secure outside funding sources.
  • Automatically calculate and pay out disbursements. No manual processing needed.
  • Drill down to see details such as late payments or defaults.
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