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Risk investigations and due diligence integration with Fundingo on Salesforce AppExchange.

Risk investigations and due diligence integration with Fundingo on Salesforce AppExchange quickly evaluates your customers, businesses, and third-party vendors to verify their identities, investigate using proven solutions and discover any critical connections that may signal risk. Uncover the information that creditors, commercial organizations, government agencies, and nonprofits need to get a complete picture of due diligence and risk investigation of the stakeholders and assets.

Full integration to LexisNexis® suite of solutions that help you perform a complete verification of people and businesses, make effective credit decisions and get a 360-degree picture of the risk indicators. All these results are accessible at your fingertips inside the Salesforce system.

Fundingo integration with LexisNexis®

Our products provide you the right tools to do the research and investigations needed for businesses and effectively enabling you to:

Speed up customer onboarding

Complete business due diligence

Increase transparency across customer and vendor relationships

Integrate robust risk intelligence into CRM workflows

Centralize and simplify reporting

Expedite screening at every point of the customer lifecycle with a single source for robust watchlist and sanctions data and refined screening technology.

Learn how you can efficiently attract, win,
and service more profitable deals.

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