Loan Underwriting Software

FUNDINGO Loan Underwriting Software provides a more efficient way to evaluate loan applications and speeds up the process. You make better decisions more quickly and lower your risk.

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Fast, Accurate, and Efficient Loan Underwriting


See All Information in One Place

No need to track down emails, spreadsheets or paper documents. An organized and centralized system means you process loans more efficiently, and with greater accuracy.

Auto Generate Pricing Options

Use the Offer Wizard and Pricing Matrix to generate pricing and term offers. Offers that best suit each borrower’s application and that fit the lender’s rules and credit policies. Smart and flexible, you can set it up to match your needs.

Quickly Access Credit Info

Quickly pull credit reports, bank statements, and other types of data from various outside sources. Leverage our customer integrations with 3rd Party Data Sources to further enhance your verification process.

Highlights of FUNDINGO’s Loan Underwriting Solution

Underwriting Made Easy

Submit Deals to Lenders Effortlessly

Our Submission Wizard enables you to submit a deal with relevant attachments and information to multiple lenders at once, streamlining what’s normally a heavily manual process.


Transfer all information from loan applications directly to the system.

Save valuable time and eliminate errors by automating the data input process. Enjoy a seamless and efficient experience as your application details are securely and accurately transferred in a snap. Experience the future of loan underwriting today!


Route Loan Applications to the Most Appropriate Underwriters

Minimize delays, improve efficiency, and get your loan applications in front of the right underwriters faster.  Our system analyzes various factors such as loan type, applicant’s creditworthiness, along with underwriter expertise to ensure optimal matching.


Easily Identify Missing Information and Request it from the Applicant

Stream your information collection process, and ensure a smooth and efficient experience for both applicants and lenders.  No more delays or guesswork – our technology automatically scans applications, identifies any missing or incomplete information, and prompts the applicant to provide the required details.



Within weeks of implementing FUNDINGO, our conversions were higher and we were delivering capital in record time. We had full company visibility and control of our processes.

Infinity Capital Funding

Imperial Advance alternative lending loan management solutions

Our processes and workflows are smoother and faster. We’re able to deliver to our customers in less time and focus on the best deals. Our ROI has increased dramatically.

Imperial Advance

Dominion Financial alternative lending solutions

The FUNDINGO team was a pleasure to work with throughout the design & build out. To ensure buy-in from our team, we had to coordinate with 6+ stakeholders on our side. FUNDINGO’s project management approach kept us organized and ensured that each of those stakeholders had input and feedback into the design. This helped tremendously with the adoption process.

Dominion Financial

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