The Fundingo Solution

Built by the experts at CloudMyBiz, Fundingo streamlines the entire process of originating, underwriting, and servicing the non-bank lending business industry.

Streamlined Proceses

Unlike a hodge-podge of outdated and unconnected systems, each handling only a single element in the lending process, Fundingo helps alternative lending and interest-based loan companies on the Salesforce platform attract and close more deals, accelerate the underwriting process, generate more pricing options, reduce errors, and ensure greater consistency.

These lenders also earn a more professional reputation among borrowers, brokers, and syndication partners.

Our Core Values

At Fundingo, we are more than a loan management software – we’re a team of experts inspired by technology and driven by our core values. As a collaborative, we strive for excellence, dedication, and going the extra mile. Below are our guiding principles that allow us to continue building our lending community.

Above and Beyond

Strive for Excellence and Dedication. Going the Extra Mile. Under Promise & Over Deliver.

In It Together

Teamwork. Collaboration. See the implications of your actions.

Love What You Do

Passionate. Have Fun While Working. Positive Attitude.

Thirst for Knowledge

Never Satisfied. Don’t Accept Status Quo. Always Room to Grow.

Think Outside the Box

We Find the Solutions. Making the Impossible Possible. Creativity.

Clients First

Listen To the Client. Client Success is our Success. Clients Ahead of our Own Wallet.
“There’s a better way of doing things.

This is the sentiment that built Fundingo. Over 10 years ago, I was working for an alternative lender and was tasked with implementing Salesforce as their CRM. Impressed by how its functions could handle their processes, I soon found my passion in creating new features that helped them lend better.

Over time, I found that not only were we able to perform their lending functions faster, but with fewer errors and reduced risk. In addition, we could integrate the programs we used outside of Salesforce. At this point, I could originate, underwrite, and service loans all in the same place.

While creating this custom system, it occurred to me – This could change the way we lend.

Now, Fundingo embodies the same ideas that it was created from. Faster lending, less risk, and simpler flows. We took our original idea of finding more effective ways to lend and expanded it with more plugins, integrations, and functionalities.

Our progress is led by lenders like you. Every day, we use your feedback to create features based on the industry’s demands – both for now and the future. That original spark of inspiration keeps us moving forward and guides our moves.”

Henry Abenaim

Founder & CEO, Fundingo