Loan Origination Software: Attract & Win More Deals

FUNDINGO Loan Origination software makes it easy to collect information from applicants, manages loan processing steps and keeps deals from getting stuck in the pipeline.

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Collect Data Directly

Easily collect information from applicants. Parse info directly into Accounts, Contacts & Opportunities

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Identify the best funding sources

Matching the best funding sources with the right borrower. 

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Enter Approved Deals Faster

The Submission Wizard allows users to submit a deal via email with relevant Attachments to multiple lenders at once, streamlining what’s normally a heavily manual process.

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Efficiently Manage Accounts

Manage submissions, offers, and contracts with detailed pipeline tracking and collaborative systems.

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Handle offers and contracts electronically

Cut out the paperwork, easily create loan origination fees

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Configure the Loan Origination System to Fit Your Process

Custom tailored to your specific needs.

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Learn how you can efficiently attract, win,
and service more profitable deals.

FUNDINGO Loan Management Software helps you make the best decisions to grow your business.

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