Centralized and Efficient Loan Origination

FUNDINGO automates your origination with built-for-purpose tools to attract and close more deals while providing an extraordinary customer experience.

Fundingo Small Business

Streamline Loan Origination to Close More Deals

Collect Data Directly

Easily collect information from applicants. Parse info directly into accounts, contacts & opportunities

Efficiently Manage Accounts

Manage submissions, offers, and contracts with detailed pipeline tracking and collaborative systems.

Identify the best funding sources

Matching the best funding sources with the right borrower.

Highlights of FUNDINGO’s Loan Origination Solution

Submit Deals to Lenders Effortlessly

Our Submission Wizard enables you to submit a deal with relevant attachments and information to multiple lenders at once, streamlining what’s normally a heavily manual process.

Handle Offers and Contracts Electronically

Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and hello to our digital loan application system.  With our electronic handling system, borrowers can submit applications and other loan documents via a user friendly interface with just a few clicks.

Scale Your Business with a Customizable Solution

Fuel your growth, amplify efficiency, and drive success like never before with a solution that offers great flexibility to adapt to your workflow and origination needs.

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