Built & Supported By Experts – Meet Our Team

The FUNDINGO solution is built, configured, and supported by experts with deep experience in meeting the unique needs of alternative lenders. Based on first-hand knowledge, we pioneered the development of technology solutions designed specifically to enhance alternative lenders’ operations.

Henry Abenaim

President & CEO
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Henry worked in the lending space for many years, as a GM of a startup company among other positions, before he hit upon the idea of Fundingo in 2012. He noticed a large gap between traditional business systems and the new cloud-based technology that was filling the market and wanted to use that new potential to improve results for clients. As a result, he has seen huge impacts through advanced automation and integrations, leading to better service, better collaboration and all-around improved business returns. When it comes to Salesforce, Henry believes in the platform 100%, and truly feels passionate about using it. He loves the capability, speed, and flexibility that he has when using Salesforce.

Tara Norkett

Financial Director
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Tara comes to Fundingo with an educational background in Psychology and Counseling. Her work experience began in property management, however, after leaving that and spending some time at home with her kids, she taught herself accounting and transitioned into freelance bookkeeping.

Her hobbies include exercising- (pilates, barre, lifting), reading and finding new alt-indie bands on Spotify. On nights and weekends, you can likely find her at the gym, trivia nights, game nights, visiting new restaurants or hanging out with her kids and husband. Her and her family also regularly work on their house and other home improvement projects. Most recently, they laid 3000 sq ft of sod in the Texas heat, which was no small task, to say the least.

Sam Arias Fundingo loan management

Sam Arias

Chief Revenue Officer

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Sam has close to 20 years of experience in the IT industry.  Over the last several years, Sam has worked in the SaaS industry where he has owned products as part of a SaaS platform, which required him to work and oversee in marketing, sales, and client delivery teams.  During the first half of his career, he served as an IT and Cybersecurity consultant with E&Y and Deloitte where he worked with clients domestically and internationally. During his Big4 tenure, Sam helped deliver IT projects with a focus in specialty areas like cybersecurity, data privacy, IT Compliance. Sam’s projects frequently included developing an IT / cybersecurity strategy, including the selection and implementation of technology and IT infrastructure. 

Hoai Doan

Salesforce Business Analyst
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Hoai previously worked for 8 years, as a Business Manager and Analyst (among other positions) for a 24-hour quick-casual concept in Downtown Los Angeles. Some of the many projects he worked on include managing the POS software as well as an integrated online ordering system and onboarding a mobile payment solution. Prior to Fundingo, he had casual experience with Salesforce but is learning more and more every day.

Hoai loves photography and taking photos in his free time. He can often be found with his girlfriend spending time in nature, traveling, camping, and of course, taking photos of it all. Some of his favorite spots to visit are Yosemite, Zion, Havasupai, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, & Big Sur. Back at home, he has a small collection of pets, including dogs, bunnies and bantam chickens.

He is working towards his Salesforce Admin Certification.

Charlotte Comberg

Director of Operations

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Charlotte Comberg is the program manager for Fundingo’s partnership with LexisNexis. She is a certified project manager with experience in manufacturing, trade shows, and casinos.

Originally from New York, Charlotte and her family made the decision to move to Nevada five years ago and have been there ever since. When she isn’t spending time with her family, you can find Charlotte reading or sewing.

Scott Reed

Lead Salesforce Developer
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Scott has been a software developer since 2013, working in a variety of industries before arriving at Fundingo, such as a large payroll company, and a non-profit. Mostly self-taught, he found himself drawn to development after high school and slowly learned a number of different coding languages. When it comes to computers and development, he finds it all pretty interesting.

Outside of work, he has such unique hobbies as reading, playing guitar and watching Netflix. Super original Scott. However, he did take a recent 3-month trip to live and work in the Czech Republic. Both he and his fiancee loved it there, and want to go back for even longer. His real passion outside of work is gaming, primarily PC and old school consoles. He likes to play and beat all the old, very challenging games from his youth, such as Lion King and Quake. Especially Lion King.

Scott has two Salesforce Developer Certifications: Developer 401 and Advanced Developer 501

Cory Thompson sales engineer Fundingo loan management software solution

Cory Thompson

Sales Engineer

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Om Rishi Quintero

Quality Analyst
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Om is a bit of a scientist at heart. She is constantly testing things and examining the results (and not just with software). She was originally studying Genetics when she first heard of QA Testing. Her trial and error nature led to her falling in love with QA almost immediately. She has brought that love to SQA testing for companies in various industries, such as Banking, Health, and Mobile Entertainment. Though some people view ‘finding errors’ as a destructive task, she likes to think of it as an opportunity to deliver the best product possible.

When not analyzing details, Om, not surprisingly, loves learning new things and reading. Otherwise, you can probably find her either playing with her daughter or snuggled up with her cat and a cup of good tea.

Om is an ISTQB certified tester.

Praveena Kankanala

Senior Business Analyst
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Praveena Kankanala is a Project Manager at Fundingo. She has extensive experience in business analysis and Salesforce administration. Praveena’s core skills are project management, data analysis, and technical understanding. Her academic background and professional expertise indicate that she always keeps an eye on successfully achieving the project milestones, all while coming up with creative solutions. As a Program manager, she enjoys ensuring that things run smoothly to keep her clients on track even after Fundingo’s work is done.

Praveena loves to spend time with her family. One of her favorite pastimes at the weekend is to watch her son play tennis. She also enjoys cooking, shopping, and watching movies. From attending A. R. Rahman’s music concerts in the bay area to snorkeling in Hawaii, she has done it all. She dreams of skydiving, traveling to Europe, and buying her son his dream car.

Adrian Caretti

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Adrian Caretti’s experience with Salesforce began when he was handed a PDF to read on the software in 2011. Since then, he has dedicated himself to working with Salesforce and custom development.

When he’s not working, Adrian can be found spending time with his family.

Matias Ocampo

Senior Solution Architect
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Matias dove into software development in 2008 as a web developer. A year later he switched to Salesforce development and hasn’t looked back. He has worked as a Technical Lead, Consultant, and Senior Salesforce Developer, creating and developing projects for around 30 projects for different companies. He is experienced with Salesforce implementations, enhancements, products for the AppExchange, integrations with third parties, Heroku development and more.

Matias and his wife have 2-year-old twins, which is almost a full-time job. So in his few moments of free time, Matias likes to play football (soccer), Padel (look it up), go fishing, or just generally get out into nature. He normally doesn’t write an awful lot about himself.

Matias has the following certifications:

  • Salesforce Certified Force.com Developer.
  • Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I.
  • Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder.

Sebastian Munoz

Senior Solution Architect
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Sebastian began his development career through small PHP and HTML websites in 2005. His curiosity and interest grew from there, where he began experimenting with more programming languages like Java. He began working with Salesforce in 2008. He is experienced in project management, team leadership, and new developer training, in addition to his role as a Senior Salesforce developer. He believes that each and every day is a good day to learn and grow, and tries to live by this idea.

Sebastian is a father of 3 and loves spending time with his family. Otherwise, he enjoys spending quality time with a few choice TV shows, such as Game of Thrones.

Sebastian is a Certified Salesforce Developer.

Paolo Cosentino

Salesforce Developer
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Paolo began his journey towards software development as an architecture student. He began working part-time jobs as an assistant designer for video games. This grew to where we began getting freelance work as a programmer for games. Not long after, he officially changed his studies from Architecture to Software Engineering. He began working with Salesforce back in 2010 and has been a full-time Salesforce developer ever since.

Outside of work, Paolo has a wide variety of interests, including movies, Netflix and Youtube series, video games, music, and racing cars. He also has an amateur interest in Astronomy, the universe and the cosmos overall, being quite a fan and follower of everything related to the modern space race. And of course, he always enjoys spending time with family over the weekends.

Paolo has two Salesforce Certifications: Platform Developer 1 (Jun 2016) and Platform App Builder (Oct 2017).

Juan Pablo Vaz

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Juan Pablo Vaz has been a senior member of technical staff for over six and a half years, including his position as a team lead for Altimetrik. Juan studied computing analysis and engineering at the University of República in Montevideo, Uruguay. At Fundingo, he enjoys the collaborative environment with his colleagues and the trusted relationship with his managers.

When not working, Juan loves playing the guitar, tennis, and swimming.

Danielle Gabriel

Office Assistant
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Danielle Gabriel is an Office Assistant at Cloud My Biz helping with the day to day operations, onboarding, and training. Graduating from Texas Woman’s University with her degree in Psychology, she has held various management positions in the mortgage and home improvement business over the last 10 yrs. This experience has given her a chance to help grow and develop employees while learning the ins and outs of the business. She prides herself in providing excellent customer service while exceeding clients expectations.

Danielle also has her real estate license through the state of Texas and loves all things real estate. When she isn’t showing/selling homes in her free time, she is spending her time with her family and three cats and watching football (huge Cowboys Fan). She loves to travel and will take trips to Colorado and any beach, preferably Florida but loves California beaches too.