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At Fundingo, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in customer expectations during the pandemic. Even in a post-COVID/COVID safe world, people will still want to continue the digital conveniences that helped us all get through this difficult time. Increasingly, there is a demand for digitization of lending services and a shift to integrated Loan Management Systems. On top of this, the end of cookies and increased privacy concerns have made first-party data critical for marketing efforts. All of which has forced many companies to rethink their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy. Our clients are looking to secure technologies to manage rapid growth successfully and streamline the operations, and we vigorously pursue options for unifying data and empowering teams to put the customer first.

As Fundingo CEO Henry Abenaim points out, “Our clients might not know how to optimize their CRM, develop it, or what’s possible as far as integrations go.” The most remarkable thing about connecting business to digitization for Henry is unifying customer information. Whereas many alternative lenders could still be working on spreadsheets, we help them overcome this laborious process by providing them with the integrated platform on Salesforce. “There is such a wealth of information that operations can be hard. We expedite that process using an integration within Salesforce so qualification and onboarding are far more thorough.”

How Salesforce Customer 360 Solves Today’s Challenges
Using tools like Salesforce Customer 360, Fundingo creates an integrated loan management platform for relationships with customers via record views, dashboards, or reporting. The most important benefits to implementing the solution are “automation, integration, and customization,” Henry said.

Customer 360 also helps employees access the information they need to do their best work. This increases collaboration and alignment among everyone, which leads to more connected, personalized experiences for your customers and helps you build stronger relationships with them. It also results in more satisfied employees, who are freed up from repetitive tasks so they can focus on doing their best, and most rewarding, work.

“We at Fundingo are all about automation, especially since so many people are coming to us with antiquated ways of operating. We are also all about Salesforce integrations, as with LexisNexis or Docusign,” Henry said.

By keeping your team connected on a single, scalable platform, you’ll be able to make real improvements in every phase of your customer’s journey. Marketing becomes more personal with the ability to listen to customers and engage with them across multiple channels with customized messages. Following up on sales leads becomes faster and easier with tools that help you manage information, automate processes, and gain insights from real-time analytics. E-commerce becomes more effective as you unify data, personalize interactions, and grow revenue across every channel from customers.

Here are some of the most common ways a Customer 360 approach in the lending industry help our clients achieve their goals:

Customer 360 provides a one-stop customer-centric platform, allowing for collaboration and innovation at low cost. Especially with the current climate of the workforce, it’s more essential for everyone to be organized around each other and focused on the customer.

Customer 360 is ready to launch and scalable, allowing native apps (like ones developed by Fundingo) to run without using non-Salesforce computing resources. Everything is possible, even if you don’t have an admin or a developer.

Native Customer 360 apps also inherit the platform’s data security feature and compliance with data protection regulations and laws.

What this means for our clients (and you)
What’s most important for Fundingo, is demonstrating to our clients how successful companies in the alternative lending industry can be using Customer 360 to manage business operations. Few would argue about the importance of effective CRM in today’s marketplace. Some companies see it as a challenge, as they struggle to keep up with customer expectations. But those companies using Customer 360 are discovering new opportunities in CRM, forming stronger relationships with their customers than ever before, and fostering enduring loyalty.

Most exciting about Customer 360 and Salesforce Fundingo Henry emphasizes, is how “you have everything in one place, for everyone, in all functions, and with a high level of customization, with a large ecosystem of providers globally to provide continual support.”

Our clients love the fact that they can communicate, market, take payments, and then schedule their consultations all in one platform—which greatly enhances productivity. If you’d like to do the same for your business, Fundingo can help get you there.

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