Case Study: Wellen

Wellen Capital is a data-enabled direct funding source in the merchant and business capital advance market. Since its founding in 2012, the company has experienced robust and steady growth, establishing itself as a leader in the small business finance market. Wellen’s mission is to give small businesses, such as retailers, restaurants, and service providers an easy, accessible non-bank capital alternative.

Wellen alternative lending loan management solutions

The Challenge

As the business continued to scale, Wellen made a number of investments in different softwares, but found that continuing to layer in new tools failed to provide the flexibility and control they needed from an origination and servicing platform. The company was challenged to easily produce reporting by plugging new tools into the legacy servicing system, which led to increased time required for a number of business management functions.

The Solution

To streamline their operations and grow their business, Wellen Capital needed an automation solution that could make core processes more efficient, and combine multiple tools into a single platform. Fundingo was able to provide a robust single-platform system that allowed for growth and scalability.

The Result

With Fundingo’s implementation of the origination, underwriting, and servicing tools, Wellen Capital
managed to consolidate three systems into one. Wellen also enjoys the ability to customize their system to meet new needs as they continue to scale and grow their company. The accounting department alone saves 30-55 hours per year that was previously spent on manually reviewing ACH entries that had to be changed for bank holidays, reversals, and other adjustments.

Customer Quote

I love the flexibility that Fundingo gives us. Since deploying the system initially, we’ve had the ability to do a bunch of customization to assist with tasks such as GL reporting and cater to our way of doing accounting. The Salesforce baseline product is good, but when you have someone that understands Salesforce you can go from good to great for your situation.

Nick Hodge

UAT Analyst & Salesforce Admin – Wellen Capital