Fundingo teams up with TValue to expand financial capabilities within the lending industry

Fundingo is pleased to announce new integration capabilities with TValue, the flagship product of TimeValue Software, Inc., allowing businesses using Salesforce within the alternative lending industry to make calculating and projecting cash flows easier and faster.

TValue’s amortization software solutions, when combined with Fundingo’s loan management software, increases efficiency and optimization by reducing errors caused by manual data entry from one system to another and, at the same time, enabling companies to solve any time value of money calculation.

Together, TValue and Fundingo gear towards a solution-driven approach, providing our customers with trusted data-based solutions without having to leave the environment in which they are conducting their business processes. The integration with Salesforce will allow TValue users to maintain a competitive edge and build strong relationships with customers who gain the ability to produce error free calculations quickly, easily and consistently.


TValue, the flagship product of TimeValue Software, Inc., is an amortization software that solves the most complex interest problems quickly and easily. It allows the ability to do more than routine loans. TValue software handles balloon payments, multiple interest rates, fixed principal payments, skip payment loans, and much more.

TValue has over 500,000 financial professionals worldwide that use its software to accurately amortize loans, price leases, and perform any time value of money calculations. TimeValue Software, Inc. is also known for its specialized workload management software and its interest and penalty calculation programs that are the market standards for helping tax professionals save their clients money on interest and penalties.


Fundingo is a loan management software platform that helps companies manage their back-office operations. Utilizing built-in reports, alerts, and dashboards, Fundingo is designed by the experts to meet the needs of private lenders.

Our product provides complete transparency from origination through underwriting to renewals and loan services resulting in fast growth, high profits with low risks. Fundingo’s mission is to provide instant and accurate insights at every stage of the lending process. Our software offers risk management services through an efficient single platform for streamlined loan services and management.

Fundingo is a trusted Salesforce integrator and has fundamentally changed loan servicing by transforming hours of loan servicing into minutes.

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