Fundingo Loan Management Software

FUNDINGO Loan Management Software

Loan management software that allows alternative lending companies to streamline the entire process of originating, underwriting and servicing loans.

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Loan Origination Software: Attract & Win More Deals

Attracting potential borrowers through marketing campaigns or outbound dialing is just the start of the process.

The FUNDINGO Loan Origination solution makes it easy to collect information from applicants, automatically sends reminders to keep the process moving forward and keep deals from getting stuck in the pipeline. The result:  more deals, more revenue, more growth.

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Loan Underwriting Software: Improve Accuracy & Reduce Risk

An accurate, efficient and consistent underwriting process is essential to a successful lending business.

FUNDINGO Loan Underwriting systems give instant access to outside data sources, automatically requests missing information, and walks underwriters through a consistent, step-by-step process.

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Loan Servicing Software: Operate More Efficiently

To make money, you need to move deals through the process quickly and efficiently. Delays mean deals lost to the competition.

The FUNDINGO Loan Servicing solution eliminates delays, makes the team more productive, and speeds up the entire process.

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Greater Control at Every Step

Your success depends on instant and accurate insight into every step in the lending process.

FUNDINGO Loan Management Software comes with powerful built in reports, dashboards, and alerts, providing complete visibility from origination through underwriting, to loan servicing, and renewals. The result is greater efficiency, more revenue and profitability, with lower risk.

“Our processes and workflows are smoother and faster…Our ROI has increased dramatically.”

— Imperial Advance screenshots of fundingo loan management systems

Configure a Loan Management Solution to Fit Your Needs

You want a system that fits the particular way you run your operation.


At FUNDINGO, we work closely with each organization to configure our loan management systems to your specific preferences.

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Proven Success with Leading Alternative Lenders

“Within weeks of implementing Fundingo, our conversions were higher and we were delivering capital in record time. We had full Company visibility and control of our processes.”

— Infinity Capital Funding infinity-capital

“The Fundingo team were extremely knowledgeable with an excellent ability to understand our specific needs and requirements.”

— Empire Advance empire-advance

“Our processes and workflows are smoother and faster. We’re able to deliver to our customers in less time and focus on the best deals. Our ROI has increased dramatically. “

— Imperial Advance imperial-advance

Learn how you can efficiently attract, win,
and service more profitable deals.

FUNDINGO Loan Management Software helps you make the best decisions to grow your business.

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