The Fundingo Implementation Process

The FUNDINGO loan management system is configured to meet each customer’s specific requirements and fit their individual process.  To configure each system, the FUNDINGO team follows a well-structured methodology that has been refined by our experts based on years of experience.  Following this proven, multi-step process, customers can be confident that they will realize the full benefits from the system.

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Phase 1: Kick-off meeting

This kick-off meeting, scheduled soon after the sales agreement is reached, is a formal handoff from the FUNDINGO Sales team to the FUNDINGO Delivery team.  The goal is to ensure that the Delivery team fully understands the commitments made in consultation with the customer during the sales process.

During the kick-off meeting, the FUNDINGO Delivery team explains the tools, methods, and resources that it will use to configure the system, and it will discuss the next steps in the process.

This meeting involves the customer, the FUNDINGO Sales executive, and the FUNDINGO Delivery team assigned to the project.

Phase 2: Business Process Review (if required and specified during the sales process)

In the Business Process Review, the FUNDINGO Delivery team works closely with the customer to learn the details of the customer’s loan management process.  They develop a comprehensive understanding of workflows, reports, standards, and all other elements essential to running the customer’s operation.

Phase 3: Requirement Analysis, Solution Design, and Development

During this phase, the FUNDINGO Delivery team dives deeper into each of the high-level requirements gathered during the sales process.  The team creates tickets for the development work required and establishes acceptance criteria.  The client signs off on the approach and the team confirms estimates of cost and time before development is started. 

During development, the customer has access to the development platform to see each element as it is built.

Phase 4: User Acceptance Testing

At this phase, the customer reviews the functionality of each element built and sees that it meets the specifications agreed to.  This is the opportunity for the client to ensure that the system will function as expected.  If needed, the client may choose to add enhancements to the scope for further development or make other adjustments to better fit their requirements, budget, and timeframe.  

Once the client has signed off on User Acceptance Testing, the FUNDINGO Delivery team works with the client to finalize the training and deployment plans.

Active and timely engagement from the customer is especially important during the User Acceptance Testing portion of the implementation process in order to identify any gaps they may find before taking the system live. 

Phase 5: Training Requirements

During the implementation of the system, the FUNDINGO Delivery team and the client develop an appropriate training plan. An effective plan ensures that the customer can learn and use the new system when deployed.  

The FUNDINGO Delivery team will allocate hours in every project for remote training.  Several options are available to suit each customer’s specific needs including training sessions with end users or “train the trainer” sessions.

Phase 6: Data Migration

The FUNDINGO Delivery team works with the customer to migrate the existing data on applications, loans, and customers into the new system.  The goal is to ensure accuracy and no interruption in operations once the new system is deployed.

During this phase, it will be determined which portions of the migration are to be handled by the customer and which are to be handled by the FUNDINGO team. 

Phase 7: Deployment

At this phase, the system is moved from the development environment to the production platform.  Deployment is typically scheduled for a weekend, so as not to disrupt the customer’s on-going operations.  The customer should expect to resume operations, using the new system, when they return at the beginning of the week. 

Phase 8: Post Go-live Support

In the days immediately after the new system is deployed and in active use, the FUNDINGO team is available to answer questions to ensure that the customer fully understands all the functionality and is using it properly.

Phase 9: On-going Support

Once the FUNDINGO system is live, the customer has four different options for on-going support:  No support, Bronze plan, Silver plan, and Gold plan.  Each plan specifies response time, professional hours, and cost.  The plan is automatically renewed monthly with an option to drop the plan with 30 days’ notice.

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