Fundingo Implementation Process

We track your users, measure against your goals, and improve your product ecosystem.

Kick Off Meeting

Discuss tools, methods and resources

Figuring out the best solution for our clients requires good listening skills first. Our experts take the time to sit down with your business and understand the tools and methods that are currently being used to run your operations.

Just like any business, there are challenges within your organization and our job is to help you walk through it. During this meeting we discuss:

  • High-level goals and recap of goals our client is looking to accomplish
  • Setting your expectations of the project
  • Tools being used between both teams for communication

Business Process Review

(if required and specified during the sales process)

Learn the details and develop a comprehensive understanding

Here is the deep dive! Every business has a complex workflow, so we come prepared with questions…and even more questions. For our clients that need a more custom project, our team sets aside time to understand your business from every angle on the specific requirements you have. The goal is to make sure we hit every touchpoint for a smooth, seamless process.

Requirement Analysis Design

Deep dive into requirements and development

Once finished with requirements, our team will deliver a solution tailored specifically for your business.

Here, we provide a detailed review of estimated costs and timelines of our project to give our users a full-scope view of what to expect. We want our client to have complete transparency and understanding of the process.

User Acceptance Training

Client reviews and tests all elements of the system

Now, it’s your turn. Our design team and programmers work with your team
to list the criteria that needs to be met in order to consider the project to be successful.

During this stage, your team will go over the checklist that was created and approve the functionalities we’ve provided, agreeing that they are solutions to what your business needs to have a fully functioning workflow.

Training Requirements

Training plan development

Adopting a new system within any organization is no easy task. Fundingo wants to make sure that your team receives all the tools they need to run a successful operation.

Data Migration

Moving data accurately and without interruption

During this stage, our team provides 2 approaches:

  • Fundingo has the ability to do all the heavy-lifting to ensure a seamless data migration.
  • Your team has the choice to handle the migrations internally and we provide support on how to approach the process.


System go-live

Now, the fun part. Launching the system.

At this phase, the system is moved from the development environment to the production platform. Deployment is typically scheduled for a weekend, so as not to disrupt the customer’s on-going operations. The customer should expect to resume operations using the new system when they return at the beginning of the week.

Post Go-Live Support

Answer questions and give guidance on use

Now that your system is in live mode and your team has the ability to use your new fully functioning system, we want to make sure that there are no small details that were missed. Fundingo provides go-live support to ensure that your business.

On-Going Support

4 monthly plans to choose from

As your company evolves, your team will have 4 monthly plans to choose from to make sure that your system adapts with it. We provide customer support to answer questions or assist with any questions you may have.

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