Custom Loan Lending Software:
Configured to Fit Your Specific Needs

With our custom loan lending software, you get the benefits of a cost-effective, proven, core solution, and the ability to have us configure it to meet your business’ specific needs.

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Supported by Experts

The FUNDINGO lending solution is supported by experts that understand the unique requirements of alternative lenders. We have experience in a wide variety of lending industry segments, and know your needs.

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Regularly Updated

The core loan management system is regularly updated to enhance various functionalities and to take advantage of the latest capabilities in the underlying Salesforce platform. Meaning as the times change, your system will grow too!

fundingo loan management software gives faster results

Implemented Quickly

FUNDINGO is a proven solution that is delivered faster than a “start-from-scratch” project. However, you still get many of the benefits of a scratch option, as we can configure the system to fit your organization.

Loan Lending Software Systems: One Size Does Not Fit All

When it comes to an effective Loan Management CRM that supports alternative lenders, one size does not fit all.

With each of our customers, we first work with you to understand your specific needs. Building on a core of proven functionality, we configure the solution to fit your particular needs.

customizing the fundingo loan system

Learn how you can efficiently attract, win,
and service more profitable deals.

FUNDINGO Loan Management Software helps you make the best decisions to grow your business. Schedule a call with an expert today!