Fundingo Origination Helps Alternative Lenders


Close Loan Origination Deals

FUNDINGO Loan Origination software makes it easy to collect information from applicants, manages loan processing steps and keeps deals from getting stuck in the pipeline

Get ahead of the competition with a system built for alternative lending

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Shorten the deal entry process

Dynamic funding application consolidates all details and automatically parses entered information to accounts, opportunities and contacts.

Simplify deal submissions

The deal submission wizard prvides a guided flow and can automatically submit to multiiple lenders at once, complete with all necessary attachemnts.Automating what used to be a heavily manual process

Get more deals funded

Bi-directional API’s connecting Salsfrce to some of the biggest funders in the industry:LendingTree, OnDeck, CANCapital, National Funding, Merchants Capital Access, Kapitus

FUNDINGO Loan Origination clients experience:

increase in Lead Conversion 75%
decrease in time to funding 30%
increase in growth

Learn how you can efficiently attract, win,
and service more profitable deals.

FUNDINGO Loan Management Software helps you make the best decisions to grow your business.

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