API Integrations for Alternative Lending

Secure Lending should not come at the expense of speed. FUNDINGO’s lender API integrations fit seamlessly into Salesforce for swift, accurate deal submissions. Send and receive information with top lenders to reduce time spent on manual processes.


Smart Solutions for Tomorrow’s Lenders.

Bring the Power of Integrations to Your Lending


APIs are digital protocols that allow users to exchange data between their applications. This gives lenders advantages such as:

  • Call on functionalities from your lenders’ software to expand on your capabilities 
  • Accessing data to safely engage prospective borrowers
  • Expanding your access to crucial data
  • Validating information by contrasting it with other sources


Key Functions

Added integrations with 15 lenders

Data and functionalities can be used within Fundingo

Each integration comes with a lifetime license

Includes features to improve data quality

Team Support
Our Team Handles:
  ● Set-up and configuration
  ● Training your team to use Fundingo
  ● Ongoing program support

Service loans in the most automated and efficient way while providing an outstanding customer experience. Allow your lending organization to grow and scale.

FUNDINGO is an end-to-end loan management solution that reduces overheads, grows revenues, and helps you to make better decisions, faster. Built by industry experts who specialize in meeting the needs of alternative lenders, FUNDINGO delivers greater efficiency, better risk management, and tighter control.


application intake


increased revenue within their first year

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